3 Common Plant Care Mistakes to Avoid

While there are countless plant specifies all with their own individual preferences for light and water, there are a few general rules we should follow to keep most plants happy. Here are our top 3 common plant care mistakes to avoid.

#1 Overwatering

Ironically, this mistake can be easily committed by people who put a lot of care and attention towards their plants because there is often a temptation to water your plants even when they don't need it - like giving your dog a treat between meals. However, unlike dogs, plants cannot easily "burn off" excess water. To avoid this pitfall, ensure your planters have sufficient drainage holes to allow surplus water to flow through. Never let your plant's roots sit in still water because that can quickly lead to root rot which may not be reversible if left unattended.

#2 Poor Lighting

Different plants have different light requirements which is why it is so important to understand how much natural light exposure your home or office receives and what plants can realistically survive under those conditions. Think about the size of your windows, the direction it faces, and the opacity of your drapes. Cacti will thrive next to a bright window, but more delicate plants such as Monstera can get burnt under those conditions. It is reassuring to know that grow lights are relatively inexpensive and can make up for insufficient lighting. 

#3 Pruning in dormant months

There is a right and wrong time to prune and propagate your plants. Ideally, we'll want to do this during the plant's growth periods so that it can quickly recuperate from being pruned. For most plants, this is during the Spring and early Summer. Always use sharp and clean sheers when pruning.

We hope these tips will help you grow strong and healthy plants! Let us know what tips you've accumulated throughout your plant growing experience.

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